METAKON s.r.o.

An engineering company with main focus on metallurgy, industrial constructions, machining technology, civil and municipal construction.

Among main activities belong realization and delivery activities, planning and design works, foreign sales activities, engineering works and consulting. As part of engineering activities our company secures complex services from studies to final realization documentation, author supervision, engineering works and investor technical supervision.

We have several years of experience of grant counselling.


Design and engineering activities

We design industrial buildings with a partial focus on metallurgy in the engineering industry and have a highly professional team, possessing all the necessary qualifications, capable of delivering a comprehensive service. All documentation is generated in professional software.


Delivery of machines and equipment

Our engineering designers design special machines and equipment that we deliver to the final customer. As part of the implementation of major projects, we also supply machines and equipment from other companies from all over the world.


Delivery of buildings

Our project designers design industrial buildings for investors that are often part of our comprehensive delivery. We also deliver turnkey industrial buildings or parts thereof, as required by the investor.


Supply of technologies

Our technologists design assemblies of industrial operations that we deliver as technology complexes. We erect both industrial plants and sub-technological units.

Our work

All projects are based on specific customer requirements and we aim for/our main goal is customer satisfaction.

Significant customers