METAKON s.r.o.
V Pískách 20, 620 00 Brno
Tel.: 545 246 997



Projects and realizations:
2012 - Core surface treatment plant - paint and dry device, EURAC HRADEC s.r.o., Hradec Kralove
2011 - Roof tiles production plant, Tri Pyramidy s.r.o., Velke Mezirici
2010 - Mobile pouring device GM20, ZLH,a.s., Hronec
10-14.9. - FOND-EX 2012
Dear customers, we kindly invite you to our stand No. 23, pavilion Z at foundry exhibition FOND-EX 2012 held on September 10-14 at Brno exhibition center as part of International Engineering Fair. We look forward to your visit.

          METAKON s.r.o. is an engineering company with main focus on metalurgy, industrial constructions, machining technology, civil and municipal construction.

          Among main activities belong realization and delivery activities, planning and design works, foreign sales activities, engineering works and consulting. As part of engineering activities our company secures complex services from studies to final realization documentation, author supervision, engineering works and investor technical supervision.


Projekční činnost Planning department is one part of the company. Its main focus is on industrial, civil and municipal buildings. Industrial construction concentrates mostly on metallurgy engineering. The planning group has all necessary professions available for securing complex projects. All documentation is made using computer system AutoCAD.

Main focus:

Projects of industrial constructions
  • Metallurgy projects
  • Projects for areas of general machine industry
  • Building projects of industrial constructions
  • Projects focused on ecology of industrial plants
  • Probe exploration indcluding analysis

      Offered engineering works:
  • Zoning permission documentation
  • Construction announcement documentation
  • Construction permit documentation
  • Realization documentation
  • Final state technical documentation

      Areas of engineering performance:
  • Stydies and investment plans
  • Consulting services including expert analysis
  • Pre-project preparations
  • Organization of tenders
  • Participation at zoning and construction permit negotiations
  • Author supervision during construction

Projects of civil and municipal buildings
  • Low-energy constructions
  • Passive buildings
  • Building energy requirements analysis
  • Thermal - technical analysis of buildings
  • Reconstructions, construction modifications, annex buildings


Konstrukční činnost With increasing demand on design works a construction group has been formed with focus on design of special machines and equipment and technological steelwork. Using computer systems our designers make documentation from inital idea to final manufacture documentation.

Design of machines and equipment :

Steelwork :

  • Prototype equipment
  • Technological equipment
  • Unit machines

  • Technological structures
  • Building structures

- proposal of technical solution
- project documentation including static calculation
- documentation for manufacture 
- author supervision at production and installation
- proposal of technical solution
- documentation for manufacture
- author supervision at production
- technical assistence during commissioning


Realizace a dodávky One of the most important activities is realization of the jobs. Company uses trusted and reliable subcontractors and cooperating firms. Good experience from previous jobs guarantee professional work.

Technological equipment :

  • Deliveries of technological assemblies for foundry plants
  • Deliveries of unit machines for foundries
  • Deliveries of overhauled machines from abroad and Czech
  • Deliveries of technological equipment for general machine industry

Industrial and technological constructions :

  • Industrial buildings
  • Civil works constructions
  • Annex buildings, building extensions
  • Technological steel constructions

Subcontractor activities :

  • Arranging subsupplies for higher suppliers
  • Securing of installation of technological assemblies
  • Securing of servicing including deliveries of spare parts
  • Reconstructions and overhaul of technological equipment


Licí zařízení Wöhr Metakon manufactures and supplies mobile unheated pouring machine under licence with company Wöhr. The equipment serves for pouring gray and ductile iron on flask molding lines. Wöhr pouring machine with exchangeable ladle is supplied in range GM 5 – GM 30 depending on ladle volume (500 to 3000kg).


Licí zařízení Wöhr Further product we supply for foundry plants are sand coolers. Coolers are designed for cooling, moistening and homogenizing return bentonite sands.
Metakon manufactures and supplies several types and sizes of sand coolers.
Homogenizing coolers (mixing) are supplied in three sizes for performance 40, 80 and 120 t/h.
Vibrofluid coolers are delivered in sizes from 10 to 80 t/h.



Licí zařízení Wöhr For foundry plants we manufacture and supply basic and special types of pouring and transportation ladles of various sizes. We supply pot ladles, pot ladles with bottom outlet, treatment and drum ladles. Further we supply custom made ladles as per customer requirements, ladle repairs and we secure delivery of spare gearboxes for ladle bails.

All above mentioned activities can be supplied as turnkey projects.